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Co-op Community Fund

For the past six-months R.E.A.L. Foundation Trust has been one of the Co-op’s Community Fund projects. All Co-op members can choose a project to support, and 1% of everything they spend on own brand products and services goes towards that cause.

Following the end of the period for donations we are delighted to announce that the initiative raised a massive £2,816.23 for R.E.A.L. Foundation Trust!

The money raised will help R.E.A.L. Foundation Trust to establish a community-based project in Mansfield, where our students provide food and structured activities for vulnerable local groups. It will be specifically be spent on the resources needed to make high tea for visitors and also to help with transport if needed.

The community project will support the curriculum of the learners who participate whilst also increasing their social skills and providing a service to the community.

Thank you to all Co-op members who chose to support R.E.A.L. Foundation Trust.