Meet Katie

Katie had been attending mainstream school but her mental health had deteriorated so severely she was admitted into a psychiatric hospital. Eventually she was well enough to be discharged from hospital after nearly 9 months but has complex mental health needs.

She had no confidence, extremely low self-esteem, she has issues of not being able to trust any peers or adults and was petrified to go out of her home.

Since attending R.E.A.L we have seen a massive improvement of her well-being, her confidence has increased, she is able to trust the staff at R.E.A.L. who have worked with her, she is happy and feels safe in lessons and has been able to engage in education.

Katie has even managed to sit GCSE exams and has passed them all, I am absolutely stunned how well she has done and I never dreamed she would be able to achieve so much. I’m sure without the help, support and commitment from staff at R.E.A.L. it would’ve never been possible.

Staff at R.E.A.L are so caring and passionate, they strive to do the best they can to help, they are friendly, happy and so understanding of Katie’s needs, communication between staff and parents has been excellent.

R.E.A.L an excellent service for young people and their families, not only do they strive to help educate pupils to the best of their ability, they care and work very hard on the young person’s well-being too.